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App Store FIX “An unknown error has occurred” For Hackintosh

This is the another way to solve the App Store error see my older post regarding Apple Apps Store Fix

Apple App Store FIX “An unknown error has occurred” For Hackintosh

Below are the steps on how I managed to resolve it
Two methods
Using Terminal and without using Terminal

By terminal we need to reset the Ethernet 
Type this Terminal commands or use another method

sudo ifconfig en0 stop
sudo ifconfig en0 start
You can do it by this way also 

Open System Preferences=>Network  and delete all network connections 
Once you delete old one then
Create a new connection called Ethernet and its Service name also Ethernet  And configure you IP and DNS manually and Restart you Hackintosh
Now Getting back into App Store and logging in, everything Should  works now!

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Pratik N Borkar

Every one Call him a Freak Smartass as tittle but no one knows that he is Avid Apple Fan & Technophilic who passionate about new techno kind a stuff and Apple's new creation like OS X and iOS ,Also He would like to share blog with useful tips,techniques and resources for Hackintosh and Macintosh for Apple addicts.

  • Anonymous

    I need a fake ethernet driver , for mac os 10.9 , using tethor with android tablet for internet , their is no ethernet driver on my desktop at all because of gigabyte hardware , the mac itself works just not the ethernet connection so, theirs no sign in without that error for me, works fine on my laptop , so yes I could transfer the apps from one computer to the other but it would be nice if I could get my desktop one working

  • Anonymous

    the internet is working on en1 not en0 , from the driver HoRNDIS-rel4 , which shares the internet from the usb android connect to the PC, but again their no Ethernet en0 at all accessible on my gigabyte and that sign in error is their on the system need a fix that doesn't work by changing the motherboard etc.. not really a option, since their nothing wrong on the gigabyte besides no Ethernet and Bluetooth works but the same card gigabyte wifi card only Bluetooth working on it

  • Anonymous

    i get : ifconfig: stop: bad value

  • Reset the Ethernet using following terminal commands 🙂

  • should be

    sudo ifconfig en0 down
    sudo ifconfig en0 up