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Extract GPU ROM

Extract GPU ROM From Windows For Laptop user

If you are gamer or some Video Editor then Graphics card is everything for you,It actually converts zero and one into high quality pixel which give you extraordinary Gaming experience as well as Rendering experience.Like normal Computer BIOS ,the Graphics cards also have its own unique BIOS which also called as VBIOS (Video Bios) or GPU ROM.It provides a set of video-related functions that are used by programs to access the video hardware.In this Guide we show how to extract GPU ROM easily so we can make experiment.

Simplest Way to Extract GPU ROM (AMD)

Well this guide is quite experimental so try to do it on your own risk if any damage occurs Author and Admin are responsible for it.

This Guide Test on AMD Graphics with Phoenix Bios (HP Laptop)

Things To have Before Extract GPU ROM

Let Start Extract GPU ROM

Step 1:-Download all the software which i mention above and make sure Download your Exact BIOS setup else this guide will not Extract GPU ROM so download properly

Step 2:-Extract your BIOS Setup with Universal Extractor it extract each and every file which actually belongs to that setup

Extract GPU ROM 1

Extract GPU ROM 2

Step 3:-I assume you have extracted you BIOS setup and but the ROM files is Encrypted so we need to Decrypt the .Bin file which actually Extract GPU ROM,In my case it is 01658.bin

If your BIOS is Bricked and need to recover without taking HP support then read our following article which explains all about Mod Bios,why it is needed and how to recover if your bios is bricked.

INSYDE BIOS Bricked Recovery HP user

Step 4:-Decrypt bin file with Phoenix-Insyde-EFI SLIC Tool which decrypt your bin fine and extract the ROM Files in the DUMP Folder.

Extract GPU ROM 3

Step 5:-On your DUMP Folder you can find list of ROM file which is quite confusing to identify so instead analyzing all file we can sort the files with its size,Generally GPU ROM files are around 63-64 kb so sorting is quite easy.well in my case there only five files so keep that in some other folder or safe folder so we can identify which is the correct ROM

Extract GPU ROM 4Step 6:-Open TechPowerUp Radeon Bios Editor and identify your ROM by load those four Extracted ROM one after another

Extract GPU ROM 5

Extract GPU ROM 6

Step 7:-You can identify ROM easily with RBE tool so once you Extracted you can start experimenting your work.

For Video Tutorial see following video

My Config.Plist and My Extracted ROM you can download it of you have similar Configuration

  1. Config.Plist
  2. ROM

Note:-This guide is shows you how to Extract GPU ROM and it is manipulated in HP Laptop, we we don’t have Desktop with AMD graphics so we can not test on it,if i miss something kindly comment your comment can be appreciated.

About the author

Pratik N Borkar

Every one Call him a Freak Smartass as tittle but no one knows that he is Avid Apple Fan & Technophilic who passionate about new techno kind a stuff and Apple’s new creation like OS X and iOS ,Also He would like to share blog with useful tips,techniques and resources for Hackintosh and Macintosh for Apple addicts.

  • Kevin Gleave

    Hey, can u upload your HP DV6 Clover config file? Thanks

    • Ohk i will Upload it on Article also include the ROM

      • Kevin Gleave

        Thank u so much

        • Anytime 😀

          • Kevin Gleave

            Hey, you’re ROM and clover config work good for me, enabled 6770M on Mac OS X – but i’m getting some artifacts around the screen. Is it because I have Mavericks and not El Capitan?

          • NO effects of OS X 10.9 🙁
            Artifacts is Present due to Bad Framebuffer and EDID 🙁 currently we have no solution for that coz i am not able to decode the GPU ROM so i can patch the AMD Graphics but Frames is works gr8

          • That’s normal but we got full QE/CI, I am trying to decode the BIOS but i am not able to get the Port information if i got the port info then Glitches will be gone

  • equeramullah bughio

    i had Hp prodesk 600 g1 i am having the bios issue which i have downloaded from site and did the process it didnt show me any ati rom… i check the range 66kb – 60kb but no luck 🙁

    gfx radeon r7 series

    on my yosemite its showing 6mb and os x is so slow and in windows its working fine…