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Hackintosh hardware information

Lots of people get confuse whether my hardware supports Hackintosh or not but now it is possible to know whether it is supported or not In fact i have suffered from many question like ” I have Intalled Mac OS X Maverick/ML/L/SL but my Sound,Ethernet,Graphics etc. is Not working and i know what to install “.and bla bla…..!

Hackintosh Hardware Information

To Identify the Hardware Download following apps and run it System Info 
Able to run on Windows ,LINUX ,Mac but you just need Java Enabled or installed .
ScreenShots :

For devices

For kext
Icon stands for
 GreenCheck– device was reported as working
:)- device was not reported, but devices in this class are not usually reported;
:(-device was not reported, and devices in this class are usually reported.


Note :-Before installing any Distro Please collect all info of your Hardware and Select Options in customisation very carefully

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Every one Call him a Freak Smartass as tittle but no one knows that he is Avid Apple Fan & Technophilic who passionate about new techno kind a stuff and Apple’s new creation like OS X and iOS ,Also He would like to share blog with useful tips,techniques and resources for Hackintosh and Macintosh for Apple addicts.

  • have downloaded but unable to run…where is the setup file…….

  • Install Latest java first then Download the file and file extension is .java simply tap two times that;s it and one more imp thing this app is working on windows7 not on win8/8.1