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Niresh Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 AMD and Intel Supported

Dream become true.,Now AMD user can also install MAC OS X mavericks
Download niresh12495 latest iso for installation download &  support Niresh
Working AMD processors

  AMD Athlon
  AMD Athlon II 
  AMD Athlon 64 
  AMD FX Bulldozer 

Niresh Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 AMD and Intel Supported
There are Several Kernels Included 

Amd Users Must Boot With
 amd -v
amd64 -v
amdfx -v
Atom Users : atom -v
hp laptop users: hp -v
for users with instant reboot (Haswell): xpcm-free -v
ivy bridge: ivy -v
AMD Users Must Only Use Chameleon as Boot-Loader
If You Have a Laptop Use The Flag: -x
Before Installation
if you’re stuck at “still waiting for root device” add the kernel flag USBBusFix=Yes with the existing kernel flags
if you are stuck at scrambled graphics: -x
 After Installation 
If You’re Stuck at DSMOS Has Arrived
Reboot Using “-s” Kernel Flag (Without The Quotes)
type “fsck -fy” press enter (Without The Quotes)
type “mount -uw /” press enter (Without The Quotes)
type “grafix backup all” press enter (Without The Quotes)
type “reboot” press enter (Without The Quotes)
This will Enabler VESA Graphics You’ll Have to Manually Install Your Graphics Kexts
AMD Users May Have Problem With AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext
to Avoid The Problem
Backup The Related Kexts
Reboot Using “-s” Kernel Flag (Without The Quotes)
type “fsck -fy” press enter (Without The Quotes)
type “mount -uw /” press enter (Without The Quotes)
type “mv /System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelCPU* /” press enter (Without The Quotes)
type “reboot” press enter (Without The Quotes)
If You Have Boot0 Error
To Fix It
Make a Bootable USB Chameleon Using
Then Use The USB to Boot The Mac OS X That You Have Installed

That Download and Install The Latest Chameleon or Clover (Not For AMD Users)


About the author

Pratik N Borkar

Every one Call him a Freak Smartass as tittle but no one knows that he is Avid Apple Fan & Technophilic who passionate about new techno kind a stuff and Apple’s new creation like OS X and iOS ,Also He would like to share blog with useful tips,techniques and resources for Hackintosh and Macintosh for Apple addicts.

  • Hi,

    I installed Mavericks with Niresh Hackintosh. But, I don't boot when turn on my pc. Can you help me? Thank you sir.

    Good day!

  • What error you got ?

  • I want to install Mavericks 10.9 with Niresh on vmware. I downloaded vmware unlocker 1.2.0 but I can't install. It doesn't boot. I used both .iso and .dmg. How to make?? Please guide me bro.

  • after i burn niresh os x 10.9 to my Fd it doesn't boot,, boot0 : error only,,
    what should i do ?

  • i get the error "IOAPIC: Version 0x21 Vectors 64:87" any idea on how to fix that ?

  • Post you system config

  • You can install osx in virtualbox, which works 100%. Here is a tutorial.

  • I tried to install mavericks using bootable disk but iam struck ate the installing os x screen
    plz help me out

  • @dinesh thats a good guide but as per my exp vmware is quite stable than vbox , u can try also on the Systems which need cpus=1 flag for installing os x

  • And guys befor posting issue ensure your system config like CPU,GPU,MOBO …. 😀

  • Dan

    Hello I have the same issue with IOAPIC ERROR:
    Lenovo G555 (laptop)
    Cpu: AMD ATHLON II M320@2.1
    Ram: 4 gb single unit in slot
    Video: amd radeon
    Internal storage: 320 gb hdd and and 1tb external hdd

    Would kindly appreciate some help

  • First of all make a USB of niresh then Delete all ATI kext from USB/System/Library/Extensions and boot -x and try

  • Anonymous

    i cant boot in i get an error


    i have a amd processor
    i already installed with the nirash usb .
    and trying to boot from the hard drive that i installed it to .
    plz help !

    (If You Have Boot0 Error
    To Fix It
    Make a Bootable USB Chameleon Using
    BootDisk Utility < --- Click Here
    Then Use The USB to Boot The Mac OS X That You Have Installed) stuck at step #6 > the pic u see on step 6 i dont get that window >

    someone plz help thnak u

  • My installation went aokay, until I attempted to boot into OS X. I was able to get into Clover and I chose Mac OS X and it began to boot. It went to the gray Apple splash screen, waited for a few moments, then suddenly popped up a bunch of text over the gray splash with the first word being "panic" so I'm assuming this is a kernel panic. What can I do to fix this issue?

    My computer is an HP Envy TouchSmart m6-n012dx running on a i5-4200M CPU with Intel HD Integrated 4600 graphics. To load Niresh's installation, I used "xpcm-free". "hp -v" didn't let me load the installation. My computer also has use for UEFI which is the Clover version I selected to use and seems to be the only one that actually works.

    Can you help, please? Thank you.

  • Post the screenshot it will better to understand but make sure boot with "xpcm-free hp -v -x"

  • Here's a link to the picture of a screenshot (not sure how to upload the picture here)

    How would I add those boot flags prior to boot through Clover? I'd seen people do it through Chameleon, but whenever I tried an installation with Chameleon, the installation didn't like it and gave me an error.

  • Nevermind, I figured out how to use the boot flags. I used many different combinations of boot flags and still receiving kernel panics.
    The first I tried was with the stock boot flags added which is "npci=0x2000". This brings up the gray Apple splash then to a kernel panic like in the picture linked in my previous comment.
    I also tried booting with no boot flags which gained me that screen as well.
    The second I tried was "npci=0x2000 xpcm-free hp -v -x" which brought up this series of pictures
    Upon beginning the boot from Clover, they immediately went to this black screen but with gray lettering then to this screen which tells me that the kernel panic occurred after and not immediate.
    The next boot flag I used was just "xpcm-free hp -v -x" which also showed those same screens.
    I also tried just using "xpcm-free -v" and "hp -v" by themselves on separate boots which also got me those screens.
    To load into the installation of Niresh from Darwin, I used "xpcm-free -v" which allowed a smooth boot into the installation setup. Are there any other boot flags I can try or any other methods you can think of?

    Thanks for your reply and help in this. Much appreciated!

  • Well i have seen your screenshots according to this screenshot
    you have to boot with safe mode (-x) with basic kernel flag like "xpcm-free -v" because its Voodoo Error which always solve by booting safe mode*

    And that weird you got smooth boot into the installation setup by Drawin+Niresh but for me i have always go for Retail installation method Like Unibeast or Manual restore method

  • Hello,
    i have installed niresh mac os directly from my bootable usb pen drive , it was a success then after restarting my mac os it directly loads to windows 7 default os there is no option coming to load to mac os .If i want to load to mac os i have to plug in my bootable usb drive in to socket . Is there a way i can install a bootloader which allow me to choose between windows 7 & niresh mac os . Can you also tell me which bootloader support Intel core i3 processor and how to install it … Would kindly appreciate some help

  • First Boot your MAC OS from Niresh USB & download and install Chameleon Boot Loader you get it from this page
    Once you installed see the effect if problem is still exist then easy way to solve your issue is to use MyHack software (Run myFix)

  • Hello,
    First thing first thank u for quick response..
    Now coming back to point i have tried installing all chameleon boot loaders one after another with restart nothing happened my system boots directly boots in win 7 and i have tried my hack software as u suggested still no result from it again it loads to win 7. Then i tried to dual boot from win 7 through Easybcd software by adding mac boot loader option in add/delete entry in it… still nothing happened…Please suggest some other ways to install one single boot loader to boot both os…
    (FYI- when i checked in windows 7 disk management the partition where mac have installed is listed as primary only not as primary and active, so i have tried to make it active from command but there was error"Virtual disk service error .. the specified partition type is not valid for this operation " Does it affect dual boot loading ??)

  • Let me tell you one thing OS X NEED ACTIVE PRIMARY PARTITION Hackintosh Boot Loader won't works on Logical and Extended partition :O do one thing if you tried myHack with no result so i would suggest you to DELETE and CREATE New partitions for windows and mac (From MAC DISK UTILITY) then install Windows first then mac and try install Boot Loaders and see the effect

  • Hello,
    I as u suggested it i tried to install mac but after that there was error which was "boot0:error" so i repaired it with windows7 bootable cd by selecting startup repair option in it . After that again it started to boot in windows 7 ..

  • Why you restored windows 7 hmmmm ? if you want Dual Boot with Chameleon Boot loader then Boot0/Boot0 Done is the acceptable issue produce due to 4k sector drive and this issue is fixable 😮 see my Older guide on Boot0 fix

    Now do one thing boot OS X with mac os x installer media and install chameleon/chimera boot loader and restart, U must get Boot0 error again once u got it follow my guide ( Boot0 fix ) :O

  • Hello, i tried your solution no 2 but still was not able to remove boot0 error . If u can send me a video link would be very helpful as i followed every stepped but when i rebooted the system still boot0:error . Tried the step many times . At last also tried using multibeast and selecting only chimera from options of bootloaders still after rebooting boot0:error…

  • Anonymous

    Hi buddy, may I know how to enter the boot flag? What button I need to press? I'm having graphic issue post installation.

  • Well i'm actually thinking about to make video but still i want time which i don't have :O
    Do one thing download myHack and (Run myFix)
    perhaps u will get success if now see this video

  • Hello Pratik,
    lol i have tried the myhack thing before posting the new comment here .. forgot to mention it earlier and the link of video which u have given also tried it after my hack while surfing on google 😛 😀 .. anything if u want to recommend after that would be appreciable… 🙂

  • Boot your System with/without Installer,When Chameleon Screen appears then simply type Flag

  • @Kratik Oza Try Clover Boot loader and make sure install it on Fat 32 partition coz if u install it on HFS+ then perhaps you got Boot0af.error See my guide

  • Hi Pratik,
    I tried to install clover boot loader but as u said to install on Fat32 partition which i was unable to find so i had install it on default mac drive so as u said u will get boot0af error which i have got so i went tried ur method for removing it but problem is that after writing file to macdrive through terminal successfully i got the same error again after restart which was boot0af error. I think i am doing some mistake in terminal process as before when i writhed the file successfully for removing boot0 error i was unable to remove it after restarting now after successfully writing the boot1h file to remove boot0af file was unable to do so. The common thing in between them is i tried to write file from other pen drive other than my mac usb installation pen drive as in terminal when i was writing from my mac usb stick it said "no such file found(something like that line was there)"so i copy boot1h file to other pen drive and load it along side and successfully writhed that file to the disk.

  • That' s weird,
    If you successfully writes the Boot1h file on Install mac Directory the problem should not occurs again 🙁 Before I posted this guides i have tested on multiple Systems include Laptop's and Desktop's i always got success with little effort, Perhaps you making some mistake or skipping some steps which i posted on Articles OR may be thats your SATA Cables Fault why don't try changing the SATA Cables and give a try Else use ( SATA/PATA/IDE Drive to USB 2.0 Adapter Converter Cable
    with AC Power Adapter for 2.5 / 3.5 Inch Hard Drive / Optical Drive) which is the Last Solution

  • Stuck at boot
    Memory: 1.9GiB
    Processor: Intel® Pentium(R) CPU B950 @ 2.10GHz × 2
    Graphics: Intel® Sandybridge Mobile x86/MMX/SSE2
    Ubuntu 14.04

  • Stuck at boot screen or where ? which version of MAC OS X are you trying to install ?
    any error you got ? Elaborate your error properly with screenshot then i can help you

  • I can help, after installing, this image appears when you start

    My computer is: hp compaq 6200 pro SFF PC ALL, I5 Processor

    I am installing. Niresh Mac OS Mavericks

    Thanks if you can help me

  • Image is not clear upload ur image again (use HD image)

  • thanks, I can install, but I have problem Video Chipset: Intel HD Graphics 2000

  • Intel HD 2000 are unsupported for 10.8.xx and 10.9.xx. Go for Lion 10.7.xx and Snow Leopard 10.6.8

  • Anonymous

    Hey Pratik can you please give me direct download link for Niresh OSX-Mavericks? My ISP doesnot support torrent downloads.

  • I can't but you will find out if you search properly 😀

  • shelbi joseph

    Hello Pratik, I successfully installed Niresh distro 10.9 on my dell vostro core 2 duo, 4gb, nvidia graphic. But when it reboots it stucks at the apple grey screen with the wheel turning with no error. I can't pass to the pc set up windows, any idea or help will be appreciated. thanks

  • shelbi joseph
  • Boot with " -v " flag and post the screenshot here

  • I'm quite sure you did no select NullpowerCPUPowerManagement.kext while customizing your installations,I would suggest you to copy the following kext to your MAC Drive/System/Library/Extensions and add following strings to your Org.Chameleon.Boot.Plist which placed at MAC Drive/Extra/
    For doing all this steps you need working windows on same hard drive 😀

  • shelbi joseph

    Pratik, Can't access Mac HD from windows, obviously. I can access using ubuntu live cd. the plist is there.
    I can access the extension folder and of course there is no such kext. Pls. tell me how can or where can i have this two kexts?
    Can I manually create these kext if i find the code? thanks

  • shelbi joseph

    Pratik, instead of finding a solution to add the kext, I reinstalled Mac osx with GenerateC & P states marked, still no luck. Any other tips or tricks you can suggest? thanks

  • I think you haven't seen my this Guide
    Install paragon HFS+ software on windows then you will able to access mac partition 😀
    Download the files from here
    Simply unzip it and place to Mac drive/System/Library/Extensions and boot with "-v -x
    " those flags

  • You have to mark NullpowerCPUPowerManagement.Kext also while customizing installation like you did with Generate C & P states

  • shelbi joseph

    Pratik Bhaiya…installed paragon HFS and copied both fakesmc and null management kext to the folder, still no luck. Something I dont understand how to boot with -v -x flags when I dont have a terminal to do that. When I boot I have the mac grub to windows or Mac. The terminal boot option comes only when I install again. I had already marked Nullpower CPU. Any suggestions? Thanks

  • Hello, could you help me please? I cannot boot mac maverick in USB. When I select the USB drive, it appear in 3 second and then it reboot again. I am trying to do again and again it still the same. And I also change my SATA to AHCI already, You can in video here:

  • -v and -x flags are easy to use that's strange 😀
    first boot with your installer and choose your install OS X directory and type following flag as simple as that

  • Config ?

  • hello,

    i have
    gigabyte mb : 78LMT-S2PT
    Cpu : amd Fx bulldozer 4 core proccessor
    ram : 4gb
    graphics: ati radeon

    i used ideneb 10.5.6 in same pc and its works fine

    but niresh's 10.9 not working

    i try boot flags amd -v it works but stuck at "SMC: successfully initialized" and nothing happen after this
    i try boot flags amdfx -v it is also work but stuck at "[ PCI configuration begin ]" and nothing happen after this

    plz help to ibstall it …..

  • hey its easy
    just follow my steps
    1- Click control panal
    2- Click network and sharing centre
    3- Click network connections
    4- Right Click on network connection go to properties
    5- just double click on internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPV4)
    6- just change your dns server to
    pre dns :
    alt dns :

    if still your torrent not workinig then download "tor browser" and used it ….i am sure torrent working

  • Hey i have same Motherboard which is working fine see my rigs

    but you must need Supported GPU to works and following error is solve by using npci=0x2000 or npci=0x3000 this flag see there for flags

  • I have installed niresh OSx Mavericks in my sony lap(MODEL NO. SVE151L11W). Every thing is working fine but if i play a video its shaking in default app and buffering. And if i play it in any other app like Mac Media player- No video and audio too. Help me pls. If can please mail me the solution(

  • Anonymous

    hello i'm trying to install niresh 10.9 to my laptop(fujitsu i5, 6Gb ram, gforce GT 620m 2GB) but when trying to boot the screen loaded something and after that (no bootable devices found)
    i using windows 8, and mactransffer for make burn the usb.

  • Its Grphics Problem

  • hello
    i am trying to install niresh on my lenovo y500 laptop.But when i start from usb i can only see the apple logo for a few seconds and then it restarts. I tried every boot flag in your post. But i cant get into the installatie. -v doesn't give any error or somekind. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  • hey hi thanks for reply

    as you tell me ….i try by using npci=0x2000 or npci=0x3000

    but still having same problem
    i try this combination :- "amd -v npci=0x2000" and " amd -v npci=0x3000"
    but still pblm is same
    do you know any other amd combination to solve this problem ?

  • See my articles on Boot Flags and try to use combination of it…:D

  • Make USB of Niresh from running Macintosh/Hackintosh or VMWARE then try to boot with

  • hi..i am pushpinder and i have a systm having configuration intel dual core 2.72 ghz processor ,4gb ram, radeon hd 4500(1GB) can i install mac 10.9 in my pc ..if yes then can you tell me the procedure as i have already downloaded 10.9 niresh maverics iso

  • i m trying to install it in vmware 10 and already unlock mac opeating system in it there is a boot error and it is not taking boot..error."unsuccessful" can you tell me what is wrong??

  • Anonymous

    Have you used the -v boot flag

  • Hi friends.
    I have asus rampage IV black, i7 4930K, GTX Titan.
    I have burnt a dvd of osx mavericks iso.
    But after booting with any flag it goes to black screen.
    Please help how to counter with it. Thank you so much…

  • Anonymous

    I have problem… I can't install on AMD Athlon 64 x2… I tryed to type – "amd" "amd64" "amd -v" "amd64 – v" NOTHING! Kernel panic or nothing… Please help! When I type without -v computer showed the apple logo and loading and at the end the cursor, and nothing further was happening
    Sorry if my post have spelling mistakes, but i'm Polish 😛

  • i try to boot mac 10.9 and 10.8.2 in vmware virtual machine and work fine…..
    but not work when boot from usb or Dvd in

    my Pc specification
    gigabyte mb : 78LMT-S2PT
    Cpu : amd Fx bulldozer 4 core proccessor
    ram : 4gb
    graphics: ati radeon

    i try boot flags amd -v it works but stuck at "SMC: successfully initialized" and nothing happen after this
    i try boot flags amdfx -v it is also work but stuck at "[ PCI configuration begin ]" and nothing happen after this

    i also try lots of boot flags of amd machine and combination …plz help me

  • Use USB installation Media to avoid trouble 😀

  • "SMC: successfully initialized" :-Download and replace the NullpowerCPUPowerManagent.Kext and FakeSMC.Kext to solve this issue.
    And if stuck at [ PCI configuration begin ] then npci=0x2000 / npci=0x3000 try this flags including amdfx or see here for flags

  • hi pratik, i want ask something
    when i go to the erase tab and make the format MAC OS Extended (journaled) and than click erase, it comes up with error saying :
    Volume Erase failed with the error:
    Couldn't modify partition map.

    i want to dual boot windows and OSX, but i have installation windows first
    thanks before

  • Hello! I have a problem, can you help me please?

    I have notebook ASUS K54 LY.
    Motherboard – Asus K54LY Series Notebook
    Motherboard Chipset – Intel Cougar Point HM65, Intel Sandy Bridge
    CPU Type – Mobile DualCore Intel Pentium B950, 2100 MHz (21 x 100)
    Video Adapter – AMD Radeon HD 6470M (1 GB)
    System Memory – 4072 MB (DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM)
    Audio Adapter – Realtek ALC269 @ Intel Cougar Point PCH – High Definition Audio Controller [B-3]
    IDE Controller – Intel(R) Mobile Express Chipset SATA AHCI Controller
    Network Adapter – Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.20)
    Network Adapter – Atheros AR9002WB-1NG Wireless Network Adapter (

    Can I instal this version of MAC OS? Or I need try something another?
    Thank You!

  • Yes go for it for 10.9 but your AMD Radeon HD 6470M never gonna works coz it is not possible to use switchable graphics on Hackintosh yet but you can use Intel HD3000 on Hackintosh see my Rig i have similar Laptop with HD3000+AMD Radeon HD 6770M 2GB

  • What must i do to instal this mac? Can you give me instrucrion? I need details. Please!

  • Now i have iAtkos ML2 (10.8.2). When i updated to 10.8.5 in App store i get error
    how i can to fix it?

  • Delete VoodooHDA.kext from Mac drive/System/Library/Extensions and boot with -v -f

  • Thank you!
    Yesterday a installed Nires Mavericks and i get this error. How can i fix it? Thank you!

  • i can't load mac so i cant delete this kext (

  • Delete from Windows machine

  • How do I get access to the drive with MAC OS from Windows?

  • Hello sir,

    i have a LENOVO G580
    Core i3 2.50Ghz
    4GB Ram
    1TB HDD


    ACER E1 – 531(B960)
    Core2 Duo
    2 GB Ram
    500GB HDD

    i tried to install dual boot
    (in LENOVO first install Win 8.1 then in another partition i installed Niresh's Mavricks OS X 10.9)
    (in ACER first install Win 7 then in another partition i installed Niresh's Mavricks OS X 10.9)

    both installed successfully but after installing Mavricks when i restart my laptop it just show boot0:error 🙁
    i tried many time to install but every time i just got same error 🙁
    i just can access both OS if Mavricks DVD inserted, in both laptops i m getting same errors,

    and also i want to install touchpad, WIFI and bluetooth driver in Mavricks,,, what to do now.. 🙁

    please help me sir, with step by step..

  • I get boot0 error before installing anything, can't even go to the set up I want to try this so badly, please help me sir

    My laptop is a dell 3537

    I5 4th gen
    6 GB ram
    Intel HD 4400 gpu
    750 GB hdd

  • 🙁

  • Good morning. I want to install Mavericks on my computer desktop . I have a AMD Phenom II X6 1090T – Asus M4A88T -M Motherboard.

    I have already created the USB boot with WIN 32 DISK IMAGER .

    I set my BIOS to AHCI . Reboot into the USB but when I select Niresh Mavericks Option the computer restarts.

    What I can do ?.

  • Where i can get kekst for laptop display LG Philips LP156WH4-TLA1 [15.6" LCD]? Notebook ASUS K54KY. I can use my hackintosh only through VGA because my laptop display doesnt work.

  • If your Laptop display not works then avoid using VGA port on Laptop because it is useless

  • It restarting because kernel is not loading you need to add flag like amd64 or amdfx but i wood suggest u restore niresh to USB and install chameleon boot loader on it that is better way but it need real mac or hackintosh 🙁

  • i still couldnt fix my boot error 🙁
    i installed mavricks using DVD.
    i dont have mavricks APP for make bootable drive.
    please help me out.

    i also tried make bootable mavrick usb using tracmac but cant boot from usb.. 🙁 🙁

  • i still couldnt fix my boot error 🙁
    i installed mavricks using DVD.
    i dont have mavricks APP for make bootable drive.
    please help me out.

    i also tried make bootable mavrick usb using tracmac but cant boot from usb.. 🙁 🙁

  • I can write for some place in real time? So I support you . I have a notebook running Hackintosh and Mavericks, the problem is that I install Unibeast mavericks but I have no application , and gives me an error . I can not download it from the App Store either.

  • See my older article i have added method from Windows 😀

  • hello friends ,can i install hacintosh on my pc
    CPU-AMD FX-4100 Quad Core Bulldozer
    GPU-AMD RADEON HD 5450 (Sapphire)
    8 Gb Ram
    Mother Board-GA-880GM-D2H
    You Can Me answer me on my mail