Turn off your discreet ATI / NVIDIA card in locked Bios (InsydeH20)

Now it is easy to turn off your ATI / NVIDIA card from bios InsydeH20 which is locked 
This is the original bios which is Locked 

Turn off your discreet ATI / NVIDIA card in locked Bios (InsydeH20)

 Follow the instructions given below

1:-Start your Notebook.when your notebook starts Hit the “ESC” key which is placed in 
     left corner “press ESC to enter the start-up menu”
2:-Don’t press ESC again , press A + F10, more times if necessary and you will probably
     enter advanced bios with more features !

Now you can see like this 

3:-Then navigate to Advanced -> Video Configuration -> 

    Special Features -> Disabled to turn off ATI /Nvidia card !

4:-After that navigate to Advanced -> Video Configuration -> 
     PCI Express Graphics->ASPM->Disabled

     Peg Workaround-> Disabled

5:-Save and Exit  

Note:-This special feature does not work on all Notebooks but it works on the bios which
          are built /developed in 2012 for Windows 8 support. Others can’t get in to 
         Advanced bios settings which have only support for Windows 7

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  • You aren’t exactly being fair here OSX was not densgied to run on your hardware, in fact Apple has tried pretty hard to prevent you from doing just that. (topic for another day) Pretty sure if you run OSX on a machine that is supposed to be able to run OSX, you’ll have sound and I bet it won’t be so laggy.